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Beginners Guide to On-Page SEO (SEO103)

Understanding Google SEO – 2018 (Part 3 of 9)   On-Page SEO This is the part the most people think of as SEO, the words on the actual pages of your website.   In this chapter, we get a bit technical. If you can handle it, great. If not, there are literally millions of programmers that can help you.  

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How to Pick SEO Keywords Like a Boss (SEO102)

Understanding Google SEO – 2018 (Part 2 of 9)   Keywords On the internet and in the world of SEO, keywords are the coin of the realm. They the most basic form of the search engine optimization tool.   What is a keyword? They can seem so confusing, but a keyword is simply the word or words that a person

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The Basics of How Google Rankings Work (SEO101)

Understanding Google SEO – 2018 (Part 1 of 9)   A bit of history   There are other websites and there’s Google. Google controls 81.12% of all search engine traffic. (1) It is the most visited website in the world (2). Interestingly, Google controls the number two site as well, YouTube.   Google was founded officially in 1998 by Larry

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