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2 Ingredients That Make Facebook Marketing Work (FB103)

Chapter 3: Hitting Your Target (Audience)   As I mentioned in the last chapter, the most powerful tool that Facebook has is its ability to target audiences. What’s kind of strange for those of us who have been doing marketing for years is that all of that information has been given up voluntarily.   In the old days, you had

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Getting Started with Facebook Marketing (FB102)

Chapter 2: Promoting Yourself on Facebook   Using Facebook to promote your goods and services is easy, but there is a culture to the internet that makes it different from anything that has existed before.   The goal of business is customer engagement. That might sound like some New Age way of saying, “I want them to buy things,” but

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5 Reasons You Should Market On Facebook (FB101)

Understanding Google SEO – 2018 (Part 3 of 9)   On-Page SEO This is the part the most people think of as SEO, the words on the actual pages of your website.   In this chapter, we get a bit technical. If you can handle it, great. If not, there are literally millions of programmers that can help you.  

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