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How to Build Your Email Marketing List (EM103)

How to Grow Your List Effectively   Obviously, at the heart of email marketing the idea of growing your list. More emails addresses mean more potential customers.   Before we go too far, here’s the one huge rule : Don’t buy email lists. There is almost never a time to buy email list from a list service. Simply put, those

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Why You Need an Email Marketing List (EM102)

Chapter 2: Starting and Building a Mailing List   There is only one way to be successful with an email marketing plan: You need a list of email addresses.   That might seem so insanely fundamental, but you’d surprised how many people try to start an email marketing program with no list.   Here are a couple of rules that

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Email Marketing Company Insights

Finding the Right Email Service Provider (EM101)

Finding the Right ESP (Email Service Provider)   Without a specific program or add-on, you can’t use your Gmail account to mass mail people. That’s because Gmail doesn’t want to find itself banned from sending emails.   Sidebar: A note about all those restrictions you’re going to see   As you get started, you’re going to see sites like MailChimp,

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