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Money Back Guarantee FAQ's

At the time of this writing, approximately 91% of our clients achieve an ROI of 100% to 400% over the course of 12 consecutive months of our marketing services.

Marketing takes time to work.  One of the biggest reasons small businesses fail with their marketing is because they don’t stay the course long enough for the strategy to work.  We know that if you sticks with us 12 consecutive months there’s more than a 90% chance you’ll love the results. That’s why we offer a 12 month money back guarantee.  Stick with us for 12 consecutive months and if we’re not driving you enough high quality leads for you to make at least a 2x on the money you’re spending with us, you can have a 100% refund on all the money you paid us for the FULL YEAR.

Yup.  In addition to our 12 month money-back guarantee, we also offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re unhappy with our services for any reason at all during your first 30 days you can get a 100% refund.

Money you spend on third-party platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. are not a part of the refund policy.  Our refund covers what you pay us to create, implement and manage your marketing strategy.

We create custom marketing strategies for every client during the free trial period. For most clients our goal is to generate enough leads to increase their annual revenues by $100,000 to $1,000,000. That being said, we primarily work with small to mid-sized businesses and we set our pricing with the understanding that keeping costs down is a priority for most of our clients. If you want exact pricing for your business you can Start A Free Marketing Trial. We’ll create a marketing strategy that’s specific to your business and also give you a pricing quote if you want us to manage the marketing for you.

Yes.  It’s during the free marketing trial that our team gets to know more about you and your company so we can create a marketing strategy that is tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

You don’t.  Based on past performance, there’s about a 90% chance our marketing strategies will work for your business and make you a lot of money.  But that also means there’s a 10% chance they won’t. Every business is different, some are priced very competitively for their industry, some aren’t.  Some have very uniquely positioned products and services, some don’t. Some run tight operations and have massive profit margins, others don’t. So the results of marketing vary from one business to the next.  That’s why we offer a 12 month money back guarantee to make your marketing investment as safe as possible.

Complete the free trial form below.  Shortly after that a member of our team will email or text you a link to a project initiation questionnaire.  Once you send in your answers we’ll schedule a call to start putting your custom tailored marketing strategy together!

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