Market Your Business

Like Rich People Do

Stop Wasting Your Money on Marketing that Isn't Working.

The Four Phases of Great Marketing

Traffic Generation

If people don’t know you exist, they can’t buy from you.

That’s why the first step in great marketing is building the assets, tools and ads needed to drive large volumes of targeting traffic to your website.

To do this effectively you’ll need giveaway assets, landing pages, content magnets and paid advertisements.

In fact, I bet that’s how you found our marketing company right?  Some great piece of content from a blog or a search result, a giveaway on social media or a paid ad are the ways 90% of our clients find us.

Conversion Optimization

Once you have people visiting your site, you need to convert them into leads. 

Notice I didn’t say you have to convert them into customers or sales.  That’s an amateur approach based on short-term thinking.

Instead of focusing exclusively on getting IMMEDIATE sales, you need to GIVE the visitors something of value in exchange for their contact details.

Capturing names, email addresses and phone numbers is the key to marketing like the pros do.

You still go for immediate sales as well; but you do so knowing that capturing a lead can be just as valuable.

Trust and Reputation

Now that you have the leads contact details, you need to continue GIVING them things they value.

Setup a drip email marketing campaign that sends them helpful tips, tricks and hacks that help them achieve their goals.

Setup Remarketing and Retargeting campaigns (Google and Facebook) that keep your brand in front of them as they browse the web.

The idea is to build trust, earn respect and be top-of-mind when they eventually decide it’s time to buy.

Sales and Monitization

Once people trust and respect you or your brand, they’ll happily spend money to gain access to your products, services, time and expertise.
When they do spend money, you need to deliver something amazing.  Something that goes above and beyond their expectations.
If you do that, they’ll keep coming back… and they’ll send their friends and family too.
Statistics have shown that this strategy can literally increase your sales by 1,233%!

Let's Build Your Marketing Plan Together

WARNING – Because I do a high volume of calls each day, I need to limit our meeting to a focused 15 minute discussion on the best ways to market and grow your specific business.

When we speak I will NOT try to sell you our services.  I don’t believe in aggressive sales tactics.

That means that when we speak my attention will be fully focused on helping you outline a marketing strategy for your business.

You’ll tell me your goals and the challenges you’ve faced.  And I’ll offer tips and strategic advice to help you build a marketing funnel that can increase your sales by as much as 12X.

If you decide you need help implementing the marketing strategy, just ask.  But I won’t pitch you, or even suggest our service at all if you don’t ask.  The consultation is purely about helping you envision ways to create or improve your business marketing strategy.

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