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3 Reasons Why Most Small Businesses FAIL at Marketing

Most small business owners have tried some combination of Facebook ads, Google Adwords marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing and Content marketing…And still failed to get the results they want.  Why is that?

Piecemeal Approach

Small businesses tend to dabble.  They try SEO, or Facebook marketing, or Google paid marketing, or even content marketing for a while; and then they quit.

The only marketing that really works is a full on lead generation and nurturing system.

Sadly, that’s a form of marketing that most small businesses never even try because they think it cost too much time or money

Not Capturing Leads

Most small businesses focus their marketing on getting immediate sales.

In reality, only 1% to 3% of visitors are willing to buy immediately.

But 10% to 25% of people will give you their email address in exchange for a special offer.

Once you capture someones’ email address you can use email marketing to build a relationship and turn them into a paying customer.

Short term thinking

Good marketing is a process of implementing, testing and refining over and over again.

It’s not a get rich in 30 days proposition.

Successful businesses build multi-channel marketing strategies, and then commit to their marketing long-term.

Tracking the data and adjusting the strategy until they find out which marketing components earn their businesses the most revenue and profits.

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Why Our Small Business Marketing Strategy Can Get You More Leads and More Sales

Over the past 12 years our marketing agency has built a comprehensive, 9 part, marketing strategy that creates conversion optimized landing pages, drives targeted traffic to those landing pages, captures leads in exchange for special offers and then nurtures those leads with drip emails until they convert into customers.  Check out our 9 marketing strategy components below.

Real Clients, Real Results

Your level of professionalism and expertise are unparalleled in comparison to digital asset teams we’ve worked with in the past.

I’d highly recommend you to anyone seeking a team they can be confident in getting results from.

I look forward to working with you more on future projects.


Medi-Cal Project Coordinator


We’ve been in business 20 years and we’ve never had this many clients in the application phase at one time!

The new website and the marketing funnels are working better than we ever expected.

You and your team are truly a rare find – and worth every penny.


Foster & Adoption Agency Manager

Hi Jay,

I’ve been so swamped with orders for the past several months that I never looked at my analytics until today.

I got so excited when I realized that you and your team have increased my sales almost 9x in the two years since I hired you!

I can’t express how happy I am to have found your team and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can do for us this new year.


Co Founder

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